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Welcome to Musikal Chairs
Create a free account by clicking the Sign-Up link above. Then enter some basic information about yourself, including an email address to be used as your Musikal Chairs user name. After submitting your information, you will be sent a validation email to the account you specified. Click the validation link in your email and your account will be activated.

Upon activation, log-in using your email address and password. If you've forgotten which email address or password you used when creating the account, click the "Forget something?" link at the top of every page, and we'll try to help you figure it out.

Once your'e logged in, you'll notice the navigation bar change to allow you to work with events, venues and invitees. You'll also be brought to your personal home page, which tells you a little about your account, and provides useful information for working with Musikal Chairs.

Need something more?
To get started, click on "Events". Create a new event by clicking the "Create New" button and provide some information about your event. Click "Save" when you're done. Musikal Chairs lets you create three (3) events. If you need more, try upgrading to Musikal Chairs Premium.

Create Venues
Click "Venues" to start working with a venue for this event. If you're new to Musikal Chairs, you won't have any venues saved to your account. To create a venue from scratch, click "Create New" and provide some basic information about the new venue. Click "Save" when you're done, and your new venue will show up in your venues list. Click "Build" by the venue name and you'll be brought into the Venue Tool. Use the powerful drag-and-drop features to add sections, square tables, round tables, rows and seats, and set up the seat naming and numbering. Musikal Chairs was built to be user-friendly: Move and rotate sections, move and rotate rows/tables, color code seats, and a whole host of other features. When you're satisfied with your new venue, click "Save".

After you've created a venue, you can apply it to one or multiple events by expanding the Event information under the "Events" section, and clicking "Add Venue". Note: You can only modify or delete venues if they're not tied to any events.

Have you tried the Venue Gallery? Musikal Chairs can upload venues to our venue gallery so other Musikal Chairs account holders can use them free-of-charge! Get seat configurations for popular venues around the world by browsing to the Musikal Chairs Venue Gallery, searching by name or seating capacity and browsing through the user venues. If you've created a venue that you think others can use, why not upload it to the venue gallery to share with others? Musikal Chairs lets you create/use three (3) venues at a time. If you need more, try upgrading to Musikal Chairs Premium.

Add Invitees
Now that you have an event and a venue assigned to that event, you'll need to upload contacts. Musikal Chairs lets you download a Comma-Separated Variables (CSV) template that opens in Microsoft Excel. In the first column, enter the full name of the invitee. In the second column, enter a grouping. If this is a corporate event, you can enter the invitee's company. If it's a school event, maybe enter their class. If this is a wedding, you can use the group to denote if the invitee is part of the bride's family or the groom's family. Musikal Chairs also enables a third grouping called Classification. You can use this to sub-sort your invitees (ie. departments of companies, clubs within classes, maternal/paternal relatives within bride's/groom's family, etc.).

When you're done, click on the "Invitees" tab and select if you're uploading these invitees to the general list or to a specific event. If you select an event, the invitees will automatically be added to the event. If you're unsure, select "Upload to List" as you can always add them to the event later.

Now, each time you click the "Seat Event" button by an event name, Musikal Chairs will open up your venue, and grab your invitee list. If you've previously seated invitees, Musikal Chairs will pre-seat them to keep your list of invitees awaiting seats up-to-date. Save your changes frequently and come back as often as you like. Drag invitees from the list to a seat to seat them. Drag them from a seat to another empty seat to reseat them. Drag them out of the seat to have them return to the standing list. Search for contacts by entering a portion of their name, grouping or classification and Musikal Chairs' suggestive search will help. Narrow your list view by color, grouping or classification.

Musikal Chairs basic account holders can work with 300 invitees at a time. If you need more, upgrade to Musikal Chairs Premium.

If you need more power over invitees and classifications, maybe Lyrek Contact and Events Management System (CEMS) is a better solution for you. Lyrek CEMS provides a suite of features for managing contacts, addresses, hotels, companies, mailings, events, invitations, RSVPs, follow-ups, reporting and exporting, etc. Now, Lyrek with Musikal Chairs has the same great venue and seating functionality built into our robust, award-winning architecture. Learn more...

Print! Email! Share!
When you're done working with invitees, MusikalChairs lets you create PDFs of Venues, Sections, Seating Cards, Seating Tents, Attendee Lists, Posters and mailings. Simply click the "Print" button and follow through the Print Wizard. When you're done, you'll be presented with an option of downloading the PDF, emailing it to friends/colleagues, or sending it to one of our Printing Partners to print. What could be easier?

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